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[UPGRADED] Home Guard 7-in-1 | Pest Control | Ultrasonic Electronic Anti Rodent Mouse Control & Insect Deterrent Pest Repeller Wall Plug-In w/ Multifunctional Electromagnetic Mice Repellent & Ionic Air Purifier Also ideal for caravans, motor-homes and mobile homes



If you’re struggling with mice, rats, rodents, bugs, and insects and looking for an eco-friendly, bug repeller or humane mouse trap alternative that makes expelling pests for your home effortless, then you’ll want to add this indoor ultrasonic pest repeller to your cart now.


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Why is the Commander PX 7 in 1 plug in insect repellent the most powerful and proven way to naturally control pests? Because it’s engineered to create a radiating force field over a vast 5000 square feet residence by combining powerful Electromagnetic, Ionic & Ultrasonic waves to repel insects, rodents, mice and rats plus ionically purify your air eliminating the food smells that draw pests to your home in the first place!

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HUGE PEST PROBLEM? WE STILL HAVE YOU COVERED Now you don’t have to set traps all over your home, handle diseased animals, or pay a rodent removal services thousands of pounds to spray toxic poisons that burn your eyes because this electric plug in insect repellent leverages three-pronged technology ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic to drive rodents and bugs from your floors, attic, hidey holes and walls, sending them scurrying back to nature where they belong.

SPECIAL CUSTOMISABLE DESIGN PEST EXPERTS LOVE While this is the most advanced technology you can get your hands on if you want to keep your home free of filthy pests, it’s also the easiest and most customisable. Simply plug it in, then flip the switches to cover your specific needs the first switch controls Electromagnetic waves, the second controls Ionic Purification, the third controls Variable Ultrasonic Waves, and the fourth controls the Night Light feature.

CE & ROHS CERTIFIED – GREEN HUMANE TRAP ALTERNATIVE – KEEP YOUR KIDS, PETS & PLANTS SAFE We can all agree that pests are dangerous enough for pets, plants and small children, but did you know the toxins, poisons and pesticides used by most pest repeller companies is even more dangerous? Now you can create a barrier of protection inside & around your entire home with zero chemicals making this the ideal pest repellent device if you care about your family, your animals, and the environment!

WE CREATE THE BEST PEST CONTROL DEVICES ON THE MARKET – YOUR 100% SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED To give you plenty of time to hear yourself say, “It’s truly working!” we provide you with an 18 month warranty plus premium 24/7 email support so you can write to us with any questions, even to make sure your device is installed for maximum effectiveness. So go ahead and add the best anti-rodent pest control repellent to your cart now – we guarantee you’ll love your results!

PESTS HATE THIS ULTRASONIC ELECTROMAGNETIC REPELLER Here’s Why.. This means war, and in the game of war, you have to outsmart your opponent. How? By predicting their next move.
  • For years experts thought mice were predictable & emit a single frequency of ultrasonic waves and then watch as they stop appearing on your floors, and counters & that was before experts realised mice become immune to a single tone, and upgraded to multi-tone oscillating wave technology.
  •  That seemed to work until homeowners realised they still heard pests scurrying through their walls, under floorboards and in the attic – while the pests were out of sight, they weren’t out of mind and the risk of spreading diseases through animal droppings still remained.
  • So we dug deep into the place where pests are the worst farms and country estates! That’s when we discovered how some farms, those by grids that emit electromagnetic frequencies, seemed free from pests. After years of research, we finally created a proven system for eliminating bugs and mice from your home, both the places you can see and the places you cant.
  • Electromagnetic Wave Technology which emits a 100% safe pulsating electromagnetic charge through the wires in your walls scaring pests from their hiding places, back to nature where they belong. Of course, prevention is the best medicine, so we set our sights even higher, designing a system that eliminates the #1 reason pests seek your home out in the first place a food smell eliminating iconic purifier plug in completing the circle. Now pests get out, stay out and never have a reason to return!
  • So if you’re ready to send pests scurrying so far from your home they cant ever find their way back in, then you’ll want to click add to cart now and try this ultrasonic pest repeller 100% risk-free now.


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Dimensions7 × 3 × 12 cm

5 reviews for [UPGRADED] Home Guard 7-in-1 | Pest Control | Ultrasonic Electronic Anti Rodent Mouse Control & Insect Deterrent Pest Repeller Wall Plug-In w/ Multifunctional Electromagnetic Mice Repellent & Ionic Air Purifier Also ideal for caravans, motor-homes and mobile homes

  1. Alex Troth

    for the price and performance it is absolutely good highly recommended.face seems to be fragile but if used with care it will give a good service for many years.

  2. Gabriella Nicholson

    very good service. It s a good value for the money. Very good product. We notice the difference straight away. I will recommended.

  3. Brad Smith

    We use ours in the conservatory where we spend a lot of our free time and it does keep the flies away, the last unit wore out and we were unindated with flies and this unit cleared all in a day.

  4. Lisa Davis

    A really powerful gadget, well worth the money.

  5. Peter Higginson

    The Commander Ultrasonic Plug in Pest Repeller, is really good quality. Time will tell if it cures our problems.

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